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Watch the video for Melodia Africana III from Ludovico Einaudi’s I Giorni for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Melodia africana I. By Ludovico Ludovico Einaudi: In a time lapse ยท In a Time Lapse (The Listen to Ludovico Einaudi in full in the Spotify app. Play on Spotify. Do you like this album? Check out similar artists on Napster. Play as much music as you want on your computer, mobile or home audio system.

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It’s a track called ‘I Giorni’ by a composer called Ludovico Einaudi and is absolutely brilliant. It’s a classical track, just piano – but it is pretty lovely.

Here’s a completely unrelated picture of a lady at the piano which I found in the BBC photo archive. On the ‘versus’ the other night with Zane LoweI played this track as my afriicana break’ record.

It got an enormous reaction which led to another play einaidi next day on my show, and then another one on Monday too. After these plays, people really loved it and it suddenly shot into a certain famous online download site. It’s currently sitting at number 23 on there! It is also one of the most searched songs online too this week.

Ludovico Einaudi – Melodia Africana I Lyrics | MetroLyrics

I know it’s a pretty unoriginal idea for a wacky dj to try and get a song into the charts but this is a really ludogico one. It’s not a novelty record, it’s just one that is really special to me and, it seems really special to a lot of people who have suddenly got into it.

Fingers crossed for Sunday – it might well appear in the Official Chart! Sign in or register to comment. Complain about this comment Comment number 1. Great song, but try Nuvole Bianche by him, even better. Complain about this comment Comment number 2. His music is just so calming. Complain about this comment Comment number 3.

Melodia Africana I – Ludovico Einaudi | Shazam

God, I’m so glad more people are discovering Einaudi. He’s touched my life so much since I discovered him about 5 years ago. Let’s hope this starts getting played more often instead of the usual naffness. Complain about this comment Comment number 4. Can’t believe you just played this! My sister walked down the aisle to it when she got married on Saturday, so it brought back oudovico and emotional memories!

Melodia Africana I

Complain about this comment Comment number 5. I will download this to get it into the chart. Having the album on my all time playlist to hear it on the chart show would be excellent. But if you want the classical buffs like me to buy it, tell us how to get downloads We still buy CDs and go to concerts Complain about this comment Comment number 6. Complain about this comment Comment number 7. Complain about this comment Comment number 8.


Complain about this comment Comment number 9. Greg, you angel, I’ve loved this piece of music for soooo long but didn’t know what it was!

I’m now trying not to blub like a baby into the keyboard, it’s such a beautiful piece of music. Complain about this comment Comment number Greg, my Fiance got me to listen to the piece as we are looking for music for our wedding later this year.

After only one listen the emotion of the song is clear that we are going to use it, I will be walking down the aisle to it. Thank you for playing this on your show, if you hadnt we would have never have heard its beauty.

I was driving in my car today and was touched to here the beautiful and moving ‘I Giorni’ it took me straight to our wedding day 8 years ago as it was used in our wedding video, until this day I have always wondered what is was called and where I could get a copy, thank you so much for getting it out there, it would be amazing to get into to the Top 10 as its simplicity and depth is just beautiful.

Einaudi on Radio 1 I never would have imagined but his music is so moving I am a massive fan. The first album I bought of his was Divenire which is still my favourite of all his albums and I recommend “Oltremare” off that album but “I Giorni” is also a beautiful track. Einaudi has been my continuous music choice for my revision over the past month and I’m so glad to hear the track and Einaudi has been getting a good reaction and the recognition his music deserves.

The first time i ever heard this song played on radio one I was sitting next a waterfall.

I have every album by Einaudi – his music is beautiful. And if I ever need to just get lost within the world of music, it’s Einaudi’s music I listen to.

Le Onde and Divenire are my most listened to albums ever. When i first heard this played i instantly loved it. I downloaded it and can now melovia it on the piano myself. I’m so pleased africzna played this, everytime I hear it on the advert I love it and I have tried so hard to find out what it is! Wonderful piece of music. I not only downloaded the recording, but I have just bought the sheet music too as I want to play it on my piano.

Greg, this song blew me away while i was driving in the sunshine earlier, i was mesmerized by how beautiful it was! Made me forget about any worries i had, and for those 6minutes it was on for i was in another world.

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Thank you so much for introducing so many people mellodia the time you played it to something so breathtakingly different and beautiful, so hope this makes the chart and i cant wait to find more of his work!! I have now spent money on 4 albums on a certain site in a rain forest because of you.

I am now addicted to this fella and his piano! So glad that people are getting the chance to here this guy’s music. Loved it for the last four years now and seen him live a few times. He played with a string section at the Royal Albert Hall in February and it was absolutely unforgettiable It was recorded and is sold on CD – buy it!


Just want to say a massive thank you for playing this on friday, only getting to a pc now to get registered on here. I discovered ludovico einaudi about 6 years ago when i accidentally kicked my younger brothers cd player it was lying in the middle of the floor the cd started playing and i was afrkcana right away. Such a beautiful piece of music, when i heard it it brought a smile to my face and made my drive home so much nicer: The album Echoes is just so calming and is my album of choice when flying.

I Giorni The Days is lusovico, but take a listen to Giorni Dispari Odd Daysand I guarantee you will be downloading the album before the track finishes. Great to see an artist and track like this mixed in with the trash that poisons our music culture. Maybe this is a beginning of a change?

I think It’s awesome that this piece is now at 32 in the charts, I hope it goes even higher. I discovered Ludovico about a year ago, and instantly loved his music.

It was certainly nice to listen to afrkcana A Level revision! Hopefully this will lead more people to discover this music, it would be ludovido to see this kind of thing in the more mainstream market.

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Was pleasantly shocked to hear the track on Radio 1. So excited to hear Einaudi on Radio 1 – i’m a big fan! Check out Berlin Song, one of my faves: Jump to more content from this blog About this blog.

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