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Start studying “Disguises” By: Jean Fong Kwok. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The main events are, that Mrs. Chen is on the train and gets a flashback and shes in the factory where the inspector comes and tears her skirt due to. PowerPoint PresentationDisguisesBy Jean Fong KwokBefore, During, and After Reading SkillsLiterary ResponseDisguisesRead the text.

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Chen prays, she feels a hand close to her ear trying to reach for the amulet as fony it were trying to take it before she could finish her prayer. They go to the Old Woman Swamp, and Doodle cries at the beauty of it. Drawing Cisguises How do you think Mrs. Later she gets another flashback about this girl called Lia Fong and how she obeys her home. Brother hurries towards home, leaving Doodle behind, who is too tired to go fast.

As the half-empty subway car lurched through the tunnel, its movement sporadically flung her head upward. What point of view was the story told in? In Eragon what are the main events in the story? Which Vocabulary words do you not recognize?

Disguises by Jay Lange on Prezi

Finally she finds this young school boy who helps to escort her home and finally shes greeted by her husband disguisea son, Sunny. Putting the main events big details of the story, chapter, etc. What contributes to Mrs. Auth with social network: Only members can access the rest of this page’s contents. Directions Read each question carefully. Brother is convinced to take Doodle everywhere with him. Jean Fritz, the narrator, Her mother and his father.


“Disguises” By Jean Fong Kwok.

Please Login to read. How effectively does Kwok use flashbacks in the story to help jeam details about the characters? Author InformationRead the Meet the Writer section on page Chen gets home safely. No one speaks her language Cantonese. What are the two Reading Focus skills used in this text? The supervisor threatens Mrs. We think you have liked this presentation. What details about Mrs. She kwoi the subway home from the factory in Chinatown.

So many lines blew up a clear, compelling vision in my mind! Chen disguisee up and has missed her stop; she is lost. What are some of the main events that happened in the story? China Jean Kwok print fiction short fiction. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. What is a sequence of main events in a story?

What are the main events of the story Greyling? Kwom Beauty disguises strength Documents. As you read, look for clues that clarify the sequence of events and reveal the time and place in which the events took place.


Preparing to ReadIdentify the text features seen on pages What events take place within this flashback? What did the main character do for a job?

Chen dreams of her past while on the subway? Effects of selected vocal disguises upon speaker identification by listening Documents. Instructions for using this template.

Make a list of the things you know or think you know based only on the text features. What are the main events in the story disguises by jean fong kwok? Chen is lost in Chinatown and speaks little English. Who are the main characters in the story mk by jean fritz?

Being on hot seat with Leo and Kevin 5.

By Amy Kwok Documents. Would you like to merge this question into it?

Fobg a list of at least 3 things you want to know, but you need to read in order to find out. Algebraic disguises of10 induction Documents.

GOD… My favorite culture and people on the planet, thank you for educating me.