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42 Negative Confessions in the Egyptian Book of the Dead are the because these confessions are pronounced in the Hall of Maat (in the. Papyrus of Ani is the Negative Confession. The before the scale of Ma’at. . “Hail, thou whose teeth are white. (Hetch-abhu), who comest forth from. Moses then collapsed the “42 Negative Confessions” into the “Ten the original 42 “Declarations of Innocence” or “Admonitions of Ma’at” can.

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When the Kundalini fully ascends then one is “reborn” and has reached eternal life, breaking the cycle of reincarnation. After all, history belongs to those who have written about it. Muhammad Khaleel December 26, at All the mystery religion including Kemet lay claim to the the truth that is only found in the history of the Bible which by the way is the only truth and cohesive story that fully corresponds with the reality of the world we live confsssions today.

Concerning the misrepresentation of Maat – gods – goddess Maats principles are clearly stated as dealing with the universe meaning cosmology- cosmogany – this science was pass down – many did great thing with it – many did wrongful deed – with ending on a ancient scripture. So how was God a man with nipples or a human be a god and have nipples?

Let’s hit the reset button. Egypt has been in the US from day 1 as well as in your hands, wallets and purses. As I see today, the intent of the dominant powers that be is wrapped in Separatism, Greed, Power, Self-Centeredness, Dominance and Control, all of which are mental thoughts that stem from Egoism and does not really serve the greater good of ALL in a positive peaceful way.


Because based on the evil things we perpetrate against one another, our nature has fallen below that of animals That a modern twist who would obey is command. And he was an Egyptian Pharoah,he was the one that disarmed Africa because he decreed no more war within Africa!!

I have not been angry without just cause.

To claim these are two different religions would be false. Just become a better person by not making the same mistakes. That bang could have come from another universe that was dying.

Real Truth About Moses

Shay L March 13, at 8: These Jews entered Egypt circa B. No wonder Moses narrowed it down to ten! I have not stopped my ears against the words of Right and Truth Ma’at. I have not assaulted anyone. You are the person who chosen to live this life by God.

Unknown March 13, at 8: We choose to use this essence in how we see fit, sometimes for the greater good, sometimes for the worse. Pray and seek forgiveness from the One True God. I agree with Nessie D. A Black man’s image will always be tarnished if he bucks the system. And TV preachers are the worst of the worst, and are in my opinion from the Devil. Jesus is the feather of -maat- as Jesus says ” I am the way, the truth, and the life: I have not cursed or blasphemed God.

Maat – Wikipedia

I have not snatched away the bread of the child, nor treated with contempt the god of my city. There is no person sitting up in the clouds pulling strings to make things happen for you. You know what is within myself, and I do not know what is within Yourself. No amount of ancient gods, pyramids and temples will solve our issues. To be able to annalyze the time and the direction of those who are trying mold and enslave our children we have to know our history and theirs.


The 42 Laws of Maat

Re’Al Faraj May 12, at 3: I have not taken food from a child. Tiffany says,”As a negatice Christian, I’m shocked at the similarities when comparing and contrasting the Principles listed above with the Ten Commandments! Goddess, Goddesses aka or Female Dog-Dogs. If I had said it, You would have known it. I have not stolen. Hans-Dieter von Senff February 3, at 2: Where did the lake of fire and judgement in the afterlife come from?

The reason why there are 42 “Confessions” is because there were 42 “Districts” or “Provinces” which the ancient Kemites — Afrikans — Egyptians called “Sepat”. I have not felt sorrow without reason.

We all know that. It is all based on the terminology fallacy that pieces together parts of many myths to arrive at a comparison to the one cohesive unified Christian narrative. God is my sister. Other traditions hold that Confessikns brought the soul before the posthumous Osiris who performed the weighing.

Thanks for letting us know about the benefits of eating the icelandic lamb. Fine August 31, at 4: